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Your piano has 20 tons of pressure from 230 strings.
It's not only going to go out of tune, it will affect your music & ears. Schedule a piano tuning with Tony Pacini today:
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How's that piano of yours sounding? Have you ever wondered why piano tuners charge more for a "pitch-raise"? Get regular maintenance and tuning for your piano from Tony Pacini. Introductory rates and student specials available while studying with Pacini.
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Pianos have over 200 strings, generating 20 tons of pressure. Inevitably, pianos go out of tune. If your piano isn't tuned regularly, (like getting your car serviced), all that tension within it (20 tons), will specifically lower it's pitch. What's worse, the longer your piano stays in this condition, the more likely it will "remember" the overall pitch it acquired over time, even after a tuning. In other words; it will return to it's undesirable pitch - out of tune. Have no fear, there is a remedy called a "pitch raise".

Pitch Raise: Piano tuners calculate a tuning of your piano that is sharp, (called "over pull"), and then must return for an additional tuning to "bring it to pitch", or rather, get your piano to "A440". Hopefully your piano won't need a third, or fourth, or fifth tuning, etc, but this is why piano tuners charge more for a pitch raise, and why keeping your musical instrument maintained on regular schedule is important.

If you're wondering why your piano must be tuned to A440, let's just put it this way; More about A440 pitch from Wikipedia As a musician and teacher of music, I know that years of study and practice can develops one's sense of pitch. Don't foil your ability to develop relative pitch by practicing on an out of tune piano. If you have perfect pitch, (a.k.a. absolute pitch) you won't want to endure the agony of hearing notes that don't correspond to your "bearings" within music on an out of tune piano. Relative Pitch from Wikipedia

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