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Jazz Pianist


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Backstage after the show. From left to right: Drummer Chuck Redd, Ciro Fusco, pianist Tony Pacini, and actor Jean Luc.

Mr. Ciro Fusco

Tony Pacini's tour manager (Europe), videographer, video moderator, and photographer.

Ciro Fusco has been a friend of mine for a number of years now. Being that half of my genes come from the Toscano region of Italy, and he comes from Naples, we get along. Well, actually, he's what I deem "an active, interactive, creative mind". I gravitate towards people like him. Always thinking about how to spin a creative twist on a standard of being. He's a film maker, promoter, historian of art and film, a jazz lover, and a fan. Most importantly, a friend. ~Tony Pacini


Classic Pianos

Bösendorfer, Yamaha, Schimmel, and Estonia pianos.

Classic Pianos

I've been playing piano my entire life, so it goes without saying I've been hanging out in piano stores just as much as jazz clubs and concert halls. Needless to say, I've become friends with many people in the piano industry, but when it comes to insurmountable support, there is but one name that sticks out; "Moe". (a.k.a. Maurice Unis, owner and founder of Classic Pianos). "Give Tony anything he needs. It's nice to have him around." My goodness; Thank You Moe.

Classic Pianos has done more than just sold pianos to people. For nearly half a century it has given support to piano culture worldwide; the performers, teachers, nightclubs and event halls, as well as customers. With a lifetime trade up policy, and a dedication of support to musicians and teachers alike, well, obviously, I purchased my Yamaha piano from Classic Pianos.

The setting of the Vimeo videos, as well as most of the pictures here at were captured on location at Classic Pianos thanks to Moe's son, Brian Unis (now the general manager of Classic Piano stores nationwide). The best pianos in the world; Bösendorfer, Yamaha, Schimmel, and Estonia, can be obtained there. If you're considering buying a piano you heard on one of the videos, please mention us "The Tony Pacini Trio videos". (We get a treat in "our tip jar").

Their mantra has always been truthful; "A passion for pianos". Check out Classic Pianos, and step into what I like to call "Piano Culture".


K.M.H.D. Jazz Radio

89.1 fm Gresham (Portland, OR)

Portland Jazz Pianist Tony Pacini Hosts Show on Jazz Radio 89.1 FM every Sunday 6:00pm to 7:00pm

"Jazz Connections": Sundays, 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Pacific time U.S.
Pianist Tony Pacini explores themes and connections in jazz. It's a listening experience that will entertain, educate, surprise and delight! Tune in and hear the connections of the jazz story, along with the perspectives of other musicians in the Portland community.

Stream KMHD Live from anywhere in the world on your iPhone, Android, or computer. Just visit: to stream.

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Tony Pacini at the Benson Hotel

Solo piano weekly and once a month with the trio.

Tony Pacini plays solo piano every Thursday evening at the Benson Hotel 8:30pm-11:30pm,
and with the Tony Pacini Trio on the 2nd Friday each month.

( Map )

The Tony Pacini Trio at Wilf's Restaurant

Tony Pacini-piano, Ed Bennett-bass, Tim Rap-drums, the last Friday every month at Wilf's.

The Tony Pacini Trio performs every last Friday of the month at Wilf's Restaurant & Jazz Lounge 800 N.W. 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 located at Union Train Station. 7:00pm-11:00pm. Free parking in spots marked "Wilf's Parking Only", located at the West end foot of the Broadway Bridge.

Saphu Records

Tony Pacini & Ed Bennett.

A Note From Tony: When I was much younger, I made myself a goal to record my first album before the age of 25. I did so with my first trio. The members of that band went in different directions. One moved to New York, and the other pursued family life. That first album led to the need to make another "first", the first album of the next trio, (the one I still enjoy playing with to this day, featuring; Tim Rap, and Ed Bennett). After making several albums, Ed and I joined forces to increase the catalog of "Saphu Records". We take pride in having several West Coast artist's on the label, and every album under my banner is on that label, including the two Mel Brown Quartet albums Ed and I produced. Check it out, you might like what you hear over there:

All About Jazz

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Lessons With Pacini

Tony Pacini Teaches

I currently teach advanced, adult students. Some teachers "get results", that is to say, at all costs, no matter what. (I'm not that kind of teacher). My goal as a teacher is to enhance one's knowledge harmonically and modally. Some of the topics covered include; 7-note chords & chord progressions, upper structures, music theory, including college tutorship with college credit available, compositional forms (a must for the player, arranger, and composer), technique (from Taubman to Russian, there's much to know here to free up your fingers so you can concentrate on the music), and of coarse, jazz solo transcriptions of the masters available for the jazz student. I've been studying music for 43 years, playing professionally for 31, teaching for 27 years, and doing jazz radio for about 8 years - I'd be happy to share some of what I learned along the way with you.


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PDF Files for the student


Acrobat Reader: Quotes
Acrobat Reader: Players List
Acrobat Reader: Blues Stuff
Acrobat Reader: Chromatics
Acrobat Reader: Symetric Diminished 1
Acrobat Reader: Symetric Diminished 2
Acrobat Reader: Theory
Acrobat Reader: Theory 2
Acrobat Reader: Theory 3
Acrobat Reader: Drummer's Comping 1
Acrobat Reader: Drummer's Comping 2


Stage Plot: For sound and stage crews of performance events

Download: Tony Pacini Trio Stage Plot

Tony Pacini Compositions

Tony Pacini's Composition First Light PDF Download (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's Composition First Light Bass Part PDF Download (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's Composition Pastel For Two PDF Download (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's Composition Time To Swing PDF Download (PDF.file)

Music Manuscript

Tony Pacini's 10-Stave Blank Music Manuscript (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's Solo-Piano Blank Music Manuscript (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's 8-Stave Blank Music Manuscript (PDF.file)
Tony Pacini's Wide-Rule Blank Music Manuscript (PDF.file)

Thinking About Music

"I've studied music for 42 yrs, been performing professionally for 30 yrs, teaching privately 23 yrs, on jazz radio for 7 yrs, tuning pianos for 4yrs, and there's no stopping now. There's so much more yet to do!" ~Tony Pacini