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Portland Prime Bar - Catch Tony Pacini In A Trio With Bassist Ed Bennett, And Drummer Mel Brown Every Saturday At Portland Prime.

Wilf's Restaurant and Bar - Catch The Tony Pacini Trio at Wilf's Restaurant on the last Friday of every month!

Jimmy Mak's - One of the top 100 places to hear live jazz. -Downbeat Magazine
Catch Tony Pacini every Wednesday night at Jimmy Mak's - 8:00pm.






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Tony Pacini is a Saphu Records Recording Artist. Do You Saphu?

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Tony Pacini is the pianist and musical director of the Mel Brown Quartet.
Catch them live every Wednesday night at Jimmy Mak's 8pm-11pm


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Catch the Tony Pacini Trio live at Wilf's Restaurant and Bar on the last Friday of every month. Book The Tony Pacini Trio Today! Portland Jazz Pianist Hosts Show on Jazz Radio 89.1 FM every Sunday 4:00pm to 6:00pm

NEW: Don't miss "Jazz Connections"
hosted by Tony Pacini on
Portland's Jazz Radio, K.M.H.D. 89.1 FM every Sunday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.
Catch Tony Pacini Live Every Wednesday At Jimmy Mak's Jazz is always the perfect gift!

A few colleagues Tony has shared bandstands with.

Alyssa Schwary, Anette Lowman, Barbara Lusch,
Belinda Underwood, Bill Henderson,
Carolyn Joyce, Dee Daniels,
Eden Atwood, Ernie Andrews,
Janis Mann, Jill Seifers,
Kacy Colleen, Karrin Allyson, Marilyn Keller,
Marlena Shaw, Mary Kadderly,
Mary Stallings, Mia Nicholson,
Mike Winkle, Nancy King, Ralph Black,
Rebecca Kilgore, Robert Hicks,
Shelly Rudolph, Shirley Nanette,
Steve March-Torme (Mel Torme's son),
"Sweet Baby" James Benton,
The Four Freshman, Toni Lincoln,
Victoria Corrigan.

Anat Cohen, Antonio Hart, Benny Golson,
Bobby Hernandez, Ben Fowler,
Brian Dickerson, Bruce Babad,
Bud Shank, Cheryl Alex, Dan Blunck,
Dave Evans, Gary Harris, Geoff Fotland,
Harry Allen, Hadley Calliman,
John Gross, Kirt Petersen,
Lee Wuthenow, Marc Fendel,
Patrick Lamb, Paul Ostermeier,
Pete Crislieb, Pete Peterson,
Renato Corranto, Ritchie Cole,
Rick Greene, Ricky Sweum, Rob Davis,
Rob Scheps, Sam Schlickting, Scott Hall,
Steve Frierabandt, Tim Mayor,
Warren Rand.

Trumpet Players:
Bobby Shew, Bryant Allard,
Carl Saunders, Claudio Roditi,
Dick Titterington, Doc Sevrenson,
Gary Barone, Irvin Mayfield Jr,
Joe Magnarelli, John Morrell, Paul Mazzio,
Terell Stafford, Thara Memory, Randy Brecker,
Steve Cannon.

Cleve Williams, Dave Bones,
Jeff Usitalo, John Moak, Keller Coker.

Alvaro Criado, Andre St.James,
Ben Jones, Ben Wolfe, Brad Herrit,
Chuck Israels, Curtis Daily, Dan Presley,
Dan Schulte, Dave Captein,
David Friesen, Ed Bennett,
Frank Delarosa, Fred Shallanar,
Jake Cot, Ken Anoe, Jim Fergusson,
Jeff Hallam, Joey Seifers,
Kate Davis, Kevin Dietz, Kim Clark,
Leroy Vinegar, Matt Garrity, Matt Pavolka,
Mike McGuirk, Paul Imm, Paul Unger,
Phil Baker, Rob Thomas, Scott Steed,
Tim Gilson, Tom Wakeling.

Akbar DePriest, Alan Jones,
Bernard Purdie, Bobby Torres,
Brian Foxworth, Brian Jenkins,
Carlton Jackson, Charlie Dogget,
Chic Colburn, Chris Hills, Chris Lee,
Chuck Redd, Curtiss Craft, Dave Averre,
Dave Evans, Dave Weinstock, Dick Berk,
Donny Osborn, Eric Powell,
Gary Hobbs, Israel Anno, Jeff Cumpston,
Jeff Evans, Kenny Johnson,
Kevin Frazee, Lawrence Williams,
Maria Joyner, Mark Aalto, Mel Brown,
Neil Masson, Randy Givens,
Rhinehardt Mels, Ron Steen,
Steve Moretti, Tim Rap, Todd Strait,
Tony Jefferson.

Dale Lawerence, Dan Balmer,
Dan Faehnle, Dan Heck, Eli Reisman,
Giacomo Gates, Jerry Hahn,
John Keyser, John Stowell, John Butler,
Matt Schiff, Mimi Fox, Norman Sylvestor,
Paul Weeden, Ralph Pritikin, Stevie Zee.

Chuck Redd, Mark Sherman,
Mike Horsfall.

AM Northwest television appearance with Steve March-Torme (Mel Torme‘s son); Anacortes Jazz Festival with Mary Stallings, Art Fair, Bandon Performing Arts Center Jazz Concert featuring the Tony Pacini Trio with tenor sax player Lee Wuthenow, Bellingham, Washington concert series; Bernard Purdie & the Bernard Purdie tribute, Blue Lake Park Concerts, Blue Note Lounge, College of Reno, Nevada Festival; composition of original score for a production of W. Shakespeare's "A Mid-Summer's Night Dream" (Northwest Repertory Theatre), Dan Faehnle's CD "My Ideal" (Pillar Productions 1996; featuring Dan Faehnle, Tony Pacini, Ed Bennett, Mel Brown, Larry Fuller, Tom Grant, Bobby Torres, and Curtis Craft); Diane Mitchell concert series with Jim Fergusson, Glen Eden Beach Concert Series with Harry Allen (Jazz Oregon), Irvin Mayfield Jr. (the first performance of the Elysian Trumpet built by David Monette in dedication to Mr. Mayfield Sr. and all the victims of hurricane Katrina), Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (Moscow, Idaho); live radio performances K.M.H.D., K.P.L.U., Pacific Lutheran College Festival; Pearl's (San Francisco, CA.), performances onboard The Portland Spirit and The Sternwheeler, Petty Cash, Reno, Nevada (at the Reno Hilton as musical director and pianist of the Mel Brown Quartet), Salishan Jazz Party, appearances with Tall Jazz (Dan Presley, Kurt Deutcher, Mike Horsfall), appearances with The Art Abrahms Swing Machine, The Bite, Jazz Alley (Seattle, WA.), The Four Freshman, The Mt.Hood Kicks Band, The Portland Rose Festival, The Red Mitchell Memorial Concert accompanying Bud Shank, Tri-cities, Washington Jazz Series (member of the Mel Brown Quintet); Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, the Silverton Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival accompanying Marlena Shaw, the Mt Hood Festival Jazz.

Jazz is always the perfect gift. Tony Pacini Trio CD Live At Jimmy Mak's Tony Pacini Trio CD - I'll Close My Eyes Tony Pacini CD - Piano A La Carte CCNow - Our authorized online retailer.

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