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Get A Jumpstart On New Year's!

HEADLINE STORY: Get A Jump On New Year's Eve And End 2017 Early!

The last Friday of every month is when the Tony Pacini Trio performs at Wilf's Jazz Lounge, but this month's "last Friday" is your alternative to mixing with crowds on New Year's Eve. Who cares if it's 72 hours early, that's forward thinking, right? Maybe 2017 just wasn't the year for you. On Friday, December 29th, 2017, you and all those other Portlandians will be able to end the year early (unofficially). Enough is enough, and you've come to the conclusion that you've tapped 2017 for all it's worth. Go out on Friday, December 29th, but stay in on New Year's Eve. You've already said to yourself you would rather ring in 2018 in the comfort and safety of your home. We can help. The need for respite is dire, and this holiday season get a jumpstart on New Year's Eve early! The Tony Pacini Trio, featuring Ed Bennett-bass, Tim Rap-drums, and Tony Pacini-piano, will heal whatever ails you, and give you that glimmer of hope by paving the path to hitting the new year/reset button early. Get a jumpstart to 2018, on Friday, December 29th, 2017 in the posh setting of Wilf's Jazz Lounge, (at Union Train Station). You'll find those familiar sounds that echo Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Ahmad Jamal, George Shearing, and others, but are unique to The Tony Pacini Trio. Meet Frank James behind the bar who will pour you anything you desire and call you "Honey" at the same time. (He calls everyone honey).

Wilf's Restaurant 800 N.W. 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 ( 7:00pm-11:00pm ) For reservations call: 503-223-0070 and/or RSVP with Ticket Tomato .

The Tony Pacini TrioPhoto by: some guy in the audience.

Wilf's Restaurant 800 N.W. 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 ( 7:00pm-11:00pm ) For reservations call: 503-223-0070 and/or RSVP with Ticket Tomato .

Mention "You read it in The Post" when you make your reservations and be entered into a prize drawing to win Frank the bartender's autograph, again.

Jazz Pianist Tony Pacini Hosts Radio Program

Every Sunday afternoon into the evening tune in, 4:00pm-6:00pm with Tony Pacini and "Jazz Connections" on K.M.H.D. Jazz Radio 89.1 fm Stream the show anywhere in the world at:

Autumn Brings A New Web Presence Full Of Handsome Videos

Pianist Launches New Website

The new website is here, but it's not necessarily the page your viewing now. Let's embrace technology. For 2018, the trio (Ed Bennett bass, Tim Rap drums, myself) will be selling E.P.'s (Extended Play, 3-4 selections per) video packages. To encapsulate the new project, a new, refined website was needed at, and it's official and up. We'll also be re-distributing our previously recorded CDs (Compact Discs) in digital format through the standard status quo now found on the internet. Several "canned" but previously unreleased recording sessions will also be made available. We are constantly filming, so there'll always be a plethora of free and new content, but the bonus will be in the E.P.'s We'll be adding things like; insight to the playing, history of a composition, the arrangements, lead sheets and printed music, files for disklavier player pianos, etc. This is really exciting stuff, so when the announcement comes in 2018 that E.P's are available, we hope you'll come back for those specialities. Additionally, help spread the word about this webpage you're on right now - this little "culdesac on the internet": Visit the main site at; Remember, to keep coming back for the latest videos, and those E.P.'s Want to see some videos? Continued on page 6...

Story by: The A.P. (Associated Pianist)


Live Music Is Best
Hire the Tony Pacini Trio for your Corporate Holiday Event Today.

Call my agent (Pacific Talent), or visit the "Contact" page at

Financial News:

Top 10 Tips How To Keep All Your Money Tied Up In Debt
No Maximum Wage: And how to live above one's means.
Gains: Fishing boats in Alaska net a lot.

End of quarter report Interesting Investments invests in interests: Washington, from The Department of Redundancies Department.

Rare Film Footage Found Date Stamped 1959

"Before We Were Born"

My videographer/video moderator Ciro Fusco called me the other day and asked; "Tony! What was the name of that tune you were playing in the last video shoot we did?" I replied over the phone; "Who Know's?", and so it became. About the film "Who Knows?" - My good friend and colleague Willie Matheis happened to call me the night we were filming at exactly the time we needed to take a break whilst Ciro made some adjustments on the cameras. I asked Willie over the phone if he was nearby, and if he might be interested in stepping in the shoot since my drummer Tim Rap was on a gig that night. Willie said; "Sure, my acting chops aren't up, but my playing is." We're actually playing the chord progression to "There'll Never Be Another You" in the key of Eb (for those of you keeping score at home). A few weeks later, Ciro was looking over the footage prior to editing, and felt that there was something "retro cool" about this selection. He did his artistic magic, and then added the following comment in the Vimeo description box: "A rare archival video clip of the greatest jazz pianist Tony Pacini broadcasted in the Summer of 1959 from the Classic Pianos Studio in Portland Oregon, featuring Ed Bennett on Bass and Willie Matheis on Tenor Sax." Just to clarify, my mother would have been 10 years old in 1959, and I hadn't even been born yet. Anyways, that's Ciro's humor for you, but more importantly, watch the video for his artistry. Musically, it's a very be-bop-ish dialog we're having on this one. I like to think of it expressing a bit of that West Coast jazz feel. Watch more videos...

Portland, Oregon Weather Forecast:


Jazz piano trio seeking European tour manager
Jazz piano trio seeking tour manager for Asia
Jazz piano trio seeking North American tour manager
Jazz piano trio looking for liaison to book gigs in Caribbean

Found Tuesday in the rain near SW 5th Avenue.
Slightly disoriented bassoonist, no collar, no tags. If yours, please call me and describe his identifying markings.

Mr. Maestro 01 123-4567

I have a unique instrument up for sale man. It's got midi-interface man. A Six string Ukelelelel
( "My dog has fleas, and ticks" )

$30 Call: Beatnik 01 765-4321

Ukelele for sale. "Just tuned man!"
$20. Call Man 01 765-4321

Free: Ukelele - You take it man. I'll throw in a two note harmonica to sweeten the deal.
Call: 01 765-4321

SOLD!!! Two-note harmonica SOLD!!!

Free: Broken Two-Note Harmonica - You take it, you fix it.
Call "The Bassoonist" to schedule an appointment for viewing
01 123-4567

Twelve Things You Should Get To Know About Music

C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B.

Every Last Friday Of The Month; Find Soul Soothing Jazz And Cocktails At Union Train Station With The Tony Pacini Trio


From the A.P. (Associated Pianist)
The Tony Pacini Trio delights a listening audience in a luxury hotel: (Tony Pacini piano, Ed Bennett bass, Timothy Rap drums). Photograph by: David Yaw.
The Tony Pacini Trio delights it's audience in an elegant setting.

It's Holiday Season, which means warm drinks, sweaters, and live music. Take a break from the shopping, parties, and hook up with friends instead at Wilf's Jazz Lounge and the Tony Pacini Trio, Friday, December 29th, and every last Friday each month in 2018.

You'll find those familiar sounds that echo Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Ahmad Jamal, George Shearing, and others, but are unique to The Tony Pacini Trio. Join us Friday, December 29th, 2017. Tony Pacini-piano, Ed Bennett-bass, Tim Rap-drums. Wilf's Restaurant 800 N.W. 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 ( 7:00pm-11:00pm ) For reservations call: 503-223-0070 and RSVP with Ticket Tomato .

Sports Headlines:


The pitcher was called off the ballfield to tune a piano.


The players were swingin'.

Auto Racing:

The band took brakes.


Merger with UPS announced.

Summer Olympics:

NASA tracks discus throw

Winter Sports:

It's all going downhill fast from here.

Word Find

Word Find

Dynamic Duo's Video Sessions In Production

Pianist Tony Pacini and bassist Ed Bennett have recorded several music videos with the aid of Ciro Fusco Films. Called "The Tony/Bennett Duo", the videos will debut near the end of next month.


Donate your $200k Bösendorfer Concert Grand Piano to the Tony Pacini Trio, and they will record "Happy Birthday To You" - just for you!

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Half of this page is true (the gigs are real), and the rest of it is possible. None of the names were changed to protect the innocent because the entire human race and planet needs protection.

Visit the main site (seriously, really,) here's that address again:

The Elegant Benson Hotel And 2nd Fridays Of The Month

From "The Sound Of Southwest Broadway" - by Dorothy Kilgore-Inn

The 2nd Friday of the month always brings together an audience, as well as a piano trio that has perfected itself since 1999 - The Tony Pacini Trio performs every 2nd Friday of each month at the Benson Hotel. "I get to play my arrangements of multiple repertoires; American songbook standards, jazz musician's compositions, originals, and slightly more adventurous pop tunes. And, I can do so with my stellar colleagues and friends Ed Bennett bass, and Timothy Rap drums." Join the fun; elegant surroundings, no cover, full bar, live jazz. Simple.

The Benson Hotel 309 S.W. Broadway Portland, OR every 2nd Friday each month 8:30pm-Midnight

Solo Piano Serenade Every Thursday At The Benson Hotel

Well, it looks like I'm back to stride and bass lines in the left hand. I'll do my best to make the piano sound wide, harmonically rich, and occasionally go for that "three handed sound". Join me and the serenade, every Thursday night at the Benson Hotel 309 SW Broadway Portland, Oregon. 8:30pm...

Don't forget to join the Tony Pacini Trio at Wilf's Jazz Lounge Friday, December 29th, 2017 - End This Year Early!

Story by: The Jazz Pianist


Your Stars For Friday, December 29th, At Wilf's Restaurant and Jazz Lounge

By Psychic Sid

Aries: Drive to the show, carefully.
Taurus: Get the best seats, drink and meal.
Gemini: Go to the bar - twice.
(If your date is a Gemini, call a cab later).
Cancer: Start with the crabcakes.
Leo: Go hear the music.
Virgo: Have a steak cooked to perfection.
Libra: Sit on the left, but then sit on the right in 15 minute equal intervals.
Scorpio: Don't give up, have fun - you might meet an Aquarius.
Sagittarius: Have a beer. If you can't get the beer you want, ask for a beer.
Capricorn: Don't go shopping before the show.
Aquarius: Buy a Scorpio a shot.
Pisces: Eat trout if it's on the menu, otherwise share some crabcakes with a Cancer.

Editorial: Harp Hazardly

At the age of 96, taking up the harp wasn't easy for Mrs. Harriet Harper of Plucksville, Kentucky. On her first gig at the bingo parlor, a man stood up and called her a harpoonist...

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Special Photo Expose'

Picture of this year's Black Friday

NEW! Coming Next Month: A Home And Garden Section

Cookin' With The Tony Pacini Trio

Look for recipes, decorating, and lifestyle with Tony, Tim and Ed. Tim gives us tips on how to mow lawns to perfection using rhythm, Ed shows us how to "Dizzy Gillespie" a living room, and Tony brings us a fresh take on finger food pianist style.

"There may be a bit of fake news nowadays, but our love for music will always be real. Thanks for stopping by". ~Tony Pacini, Jazz Pianist.
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